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Nsubuga Hakim -------------------- Uganda

by Sipolino Fabio 17. ottobre 2011 03:29

Nsubuga Hakim
Program director
Hope Children’s Foundation
Kampala Uganda East Africa
Tel:             +256 774 022 699       or             +256 772 515 812




I am Nsubuga Hakim the Programme Director Hope Children’s Foundation (
We have been working with the country's poorest children since 1999.
Our work has included teaching orphans and vulnerable children who
have come to our primary and a secondary school.

"There are approximately 250 children studying at Kigoma Academy and Extreme College School. "These children have come here from horrible situations...loosing their parents, homes and loved ones and everything they owned.
Some have walked hundreds of miles "Once they arrive here, they have
no place to go, nowhere to live, no family, no one to help them
"Our hope” is to help them to become established - to train them so
that they will have jobs which will enable them to provide for
"We want to help these children who have lost everything regain.

My hope is that you join us by

• Becoming a Virtual Volunteer: discuss ideas on how to increase our
awareness, involve your school or company in fundraising events and to
become an advocate on behalf of Hope Children’s Foundation
• Christmas Gifts: Many organizations, companies, churches and homes
offer gifts as well as grants during Christmas seasons as their
individual contributions towards children charities.
• Occasion party! - Birthday, graduation, anniversary - you can host
a fun-filled event and ask your friends to bring a gift or a financial
contribution in honor of the festivity. No contribution is too small!
• Community Networking: You can be able to meet other of one mind
people, upload videos, and share news and ideas that can have a
positive impact on our mission.
• Create your own web page: Dedicate a web page that you create to
Hope Children’s Foundation. You can easily upload a direct link to our website
as well as a DONATE NOW button so that your friends can make a
contribution easily and securely. Share child sponsorship with your
church, class or family: Invite a group of friends or loved ones to
share a sponsorship with you.
Tell us your idea: Is there a creative and fun way that others can
easily join to make a difference? Share those ideas! We would love to
hear them.
The Hope Children’s Foundation offers an excellent opportunity for individuals
and groups to work directly with the children in our orphanage schools
in Uganda.
The children are brilliant, and love to receive visitors.


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